Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chamelia DaOne

by Joe DaVerbal Minddancer on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 9:10pm
I've tried to dismiss her resist her, No cure.

She's pure Love in the flesh, Youth is no test

I've known age that won't reach her crest.

She has moments I know this, Funny approaches.

Some days her timing is atrocious..

She won't give up on Love

She'll fight tooth a nail. Love gives up on her

If you've heard her tale.

I loved her day one, day two and now too.

Over a year it's been me and you Boo

My Babylove My BabyGirl..Other names

I've called her, You may have your own.

Her mystery I've solved her

Named her won't claim her.

If she switched right now, I wouldn't blame her.

She's a free spirit, I'm so glad I'm near it.

Tell her you Love her She'll be happy to hear it.

Everybody wants some, I want some too

Chamelia DaOne I love you Boo........Peace

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Getting Hot early this morning.
Feeling like salmon headed upstream spawning
Dick all hard at the crack of dawn.."Sch-wing"
Got my baby long distance..bout to start phoning
Hey Baby as she picks up..Daddy's hot and wants to nut.
Get your toys/use your fingers..Load that Bluetooth
You know your a screamer.
Let my voice guide you.
Feel me beside you. That's it twist. feel me inside you.
I'll moan as you do.. push.. more in you.
Easy easy yes slow like that..I hear you boo.
Close your eyes feel my weight on you
Relax your mind I'm touching you.
Caress your breast pinch your nipples
Your areolas starting to stipple.
Now release Pinch again..
I want my touch lingering..Hear that Bass
So "Barry White" Low The sound alone makes you flow.
Feel my fingers on your Clit, wet the tip just circle it
Now slide inside out again use the toy just tip it in
Now deeper deeper slide it out
Repeat again Don't take it out
Rub your breast again and again
I want that blood rush to your brain
Now lets go faster faster deeper still
The sounds of your moans are getting shrill
Open you legs place your feet on my chest
My dick going past your cervix
Back off a bit I felt that clip
A little bit more just the tip..
Now in and out that's the pace
In and out as my fingers trace
The outline of your body arms legs and hips
Then one finger trace all around your lip
I part then slightly slide my finger in
Feel you suck pull it in, My pelvic thrust
Is starting to clap thigh on thigh
I hear our flesh smack..Firmer faster
All just to please us I hear OH MY GOD!
Like I'm your personal JESUS
Slow baby slow Lets take our time..
I want this moment to stay on your mind.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CAN YOU FEEL WHAT I SAY? by Joe DaVerbal Minddancer

Can you really feel what I say, see what I describe? Hear my voice if you close your eyes. imagine my scent as tho I'm there,fingers moving through your hair. the feel of lips so softly kissing, a memory that you've been missing. of lovers gone,a love so great. When absent you can hardly wait, So clear your thoughts allow me in, I'll get you there. Now lets begin I'll start off slowly very gentle remember this is purely mental, That chair looks nice have a seat, remove your shoes I'll massage your feet. Firmly rubbing easing tension, You've beautiful legs Did I mention? My hands move up and rub your calves, Oh my what silky thighs you have. With lips so moist I kiss your knee, Your legs they part inviting Me. No need to speak I hear your sigh... as I begin to lick your thigh. I'll kiss each one soft and slowly, make you want to kiss and hold me. Your panties wet pull them aside,So inside you my tongue will glide.I'll spell out your name, tho I don't know it. I'll pick one at random that's easy to flow with. I dot the I's cross the T's, write it in cursive I'm sure that will please, feel it all in you swirling around you, the letters the words I'm sure they'll arouse you, your pussy my paper my tongue the pen, Can you feel what I say, Shall I say it again .....

A TALE OF TWO WOMEN by Joe DaVerbal Minddancer

Interesting concept: One Man for Two. What I will tell, May apply to you. Of coarse I am in this..How else can I spin this. It's A tale of one night.... and what I went thru. We met at this bar, My favorite spot. Drank me some courage Thought I'd Take a shot....Three or four tried.. all of them failed. I tipped up sipped up and said what the hell. My game was exquisite, I spoke fluently... my eyes on hers is all she could see. We left there together, went to my place. What came next? Let me retrace, It may get quite graphic, there's no other way...MMMMMM there is but forget it, I need that word play. I'm quite the romantic, The home is well stocked. Fresh fruit and wine, yes and liquor I got. food to go with it, great soft music. A four poster bed. If you know how to use it. I took her coat, offered a chair. Left for a moment, to bring out the fare. Strawberries Pineapple all sorts of cheeses.Fresh bread and a Rose Man I hope that she likes this. She did and we drank,We shared conversation, Fed each other fruit and other libations. we started to kiss so warm and gentle, That's when it started ..She said slap me!!! What are you Mental? She loved the romance, The gentle lover. Tonight she wanted that rough neck Brother!!She kissed me back hard, Whispered pull my hair, tear off my clothes and drag me back there. My pants started bulging knowing I'd be indulging in some kinky ass shit and I didn't care. She knelt down before me swallowed me hole. A women like this so fine and so bold. She saw the four posters surrounding the bed. said tie her up ass up face down on the bed.After I did it. She said come on and hit it. Tear it up and don't quit it till her ass was bright red.....There's more but I'll end this with just a thought. One man two Women.. No threesome involved...Making love soft or rough Which one are you?

Tho Slightly Different than my usual fare, There's a hidden message to someone out there...Like the three faces of eve....but with one tale left out. a purposeful ploy on my part no doubt. There's not many like her. So sweet and so plain, Then That dark side comes out that rattles your brain. A chameleon type of woman..That blends to whatever, flexible..And down with any endevor. She may be fiction,She may be real..But it's I who knows that....HaHa...And she won't be revealed..

Personal Message by Joe DaVerbal Minddancer

You've Gotten to me.... Now I'll get to you; Here's a few things I want to do. Share a space where we're alone, Comfortable Quite no cell phone. A table two chairs, A feast for two. Well lit to see What we will do. I must be discriptive..Don't want you to miss this, Cause the bed that is there has a part in this too. King size, four post full canopy..Big pillows to prop up where need be. Head board with pockets to hold oils and such, lubricant... condoms SAFE SEX IS A the foot of the bed is a special trunk, Toys and devices, wouldn't call it junk. The top is well padded, strategically placed, for special positions, like when I taste...Back to you Lady So thick and so fine, The closet has clothing, The sexy kind..I know they'll fit well, Didn't think of this blind. cut low in the front very sheer.. No need to strip, It won't hide that rear.....Let me show you pleasures, Things you've never tried, I know your shy Baby But from me you won't Hide. open those doors and allow me in. Feel my hands It's about to begin....Left hand Right hand caressing your hair, pulling you close in your eyes is my stare, Leading you closer your mouth onto mine, kisses still sweet from the fresh fruit and wine. My hands on your breast.." D" cups for sure. I hold them up gently for my mouth to explore. I suck on those nipples arond each one I'll be inbetween them before we're all done. I'll take one step back And let them fall free, Drop down look up with Me on my knees I sniff that sweet pussy that I want to see. I get up then behind you... Pull your hair And remind you,am i freak as I guide you to that bed over there, On your back I do place you Now its time that I taste you, You've Gotten to me, Have I gotten to you?.....You know who you are...

IT'S HOT OUTSIDE by Joe DaVerbal Minddance

It's Hot outside,We been out all day.Lets shower together and begin our play. Lock all the doors,draw close the shade..turn off the cell phones... no disturbing that way..The wine is chilled, glasses too. The waters just right come here you.... Put your hands on the wall while I wash your back, Get it real sudsy you know you like that. I'll work my way down, Your hips your thighs rubbing and scrubbing..getting ready my prize. Now turn and face me I'll soap up your breast, shoulders arms belly...You do the rest. Not that I won't know how I get...Lets take it slow I like that the best. Hold up your leg I'll wash your feet MMMM nice pedicure...TOE RING Tre' Chic, Now Do me Baby Use my scrunchy. Can't help it baby it feels good to me. lets rinse off baby... But first try this, let me taste that warm water as it falls off your runs down the middle I fallow so slow. I'll kneel down and slurp when it gets well you know..We'll towel dry and Put on, Our His and hers robe, Just for a moment That airs got me cold...Break out the wine, I'll get the glasses. We'll toast to us.A hot day we deserve this. Now lay on the bed..Tell me bout your day. I'll rub your back, ease that tension away. My fingers rub firmly kneading and pulling , You had a rough day that job is so grueling, Your body relaxes with the feel of my touch. I lean down and whisper I love you so much. I kiss your neck softly, and slide down your back , A peck on those know you like that. I kiss on your thighs and stop teasingly... Tickle that spot behind your knee. Raise up your leg...and whats next you know..I slide my tongue in between your toes. Now turn over baby, That smile so watch my descent on my knees I am kneeling . I'm teasing that spot..Spelling your name my tongue goes in circles it drives you insane. You pull me up to you and guide me inside.we take that long roller coaster ride, Our Bodies or sweating But Not from the heat, We've both reached our climax. and this we'll repeat..

A WOMAN'S WORTH......interpeted.. by Joe DaVerbal Minddancer

Walk trough the door, the house is clean..Floors are waxed with a lovely sheen. Corners of the ceiling all furnishings dusted...Dishes?? oh yes the suds have been busted..Laundry done all hung and folded..Bed linen Changed...Closet rearranged. Oh wait!!!! take this ticket I want you to hold it. Your clothes for the week have been cleaned and pressed..Got out that stain... That ruined your dress..Your Bath is now waiting...You have a new gown, with comfortable slippers to Match.....Whats that sound?...Oh I've lit a few candles surrounding the tub...And scented oils baby for later to rub..All the pain from today..Your body it hurts....That sound?...Maxwell's song: A WOMAN'S WORTH. Take your time baby. Dinners Prepared.I've laid out the table a romantic affair. I've Chilled some Moscato If you want a drink...Now go take your bath While I clear out this sink. "Interlude" She ware's her new gown and fuzzy beautiful now I just want to kiss her..Dinner is first I pull out her chair..Aroma so savory it fills the air. We eat we drink..We talk of her day. My eyes on hers and never stray. I whisper I love You..We proceed to our room..she lies on the bed. I began to massage her from feet to head..So relaxed she falls asleep..You know how we do after we eat.. I look at... Then cover her..So nice in that bed..I lean down and plant a kiss upon her forehead. I went back to the kitchen..Cleaned up everything..A woman's worth a woman's worth I heard myself sing..If a physical love is all you are used too..Then A WOMAN'S WORTH means nothing to you...